What is etherboy.com?

A few years ago (way back in '93), I earned the name "etherboy" when I accidentally brought down my employer's thinnet backbone.  After that happened, I learned *real* quick how to terminate 10-Base-2.  A cow-worker started calling me Etherboy (in good fun), and I decided to adopt the name proudly. After all, I had earned it.  A few weeks after my battlefield intro to ethernet, another cow-worker earned the name tokenringboy.  I think I got the better  of the two, don't you think?   My real name is Dave Lugo, for whose who are wondering.

Fast forward a few years.  After working as a sysadmin for a while, and wanting to have more fun with my toys, (and get MORE toys), I registered the etherboy.com domain.  A little bit after that, I had a dedicated connection to the Internet for my home network.

I now host a few websites for friends and family, along with the email/dns infrastructure that entails.